Big Data and Stream Processing 101 – Part 2: How to Create a Simple Ranger Policy

In order to continue the series “Big Data and Stream Processing 101”, I created a little video to show the most basic operation of Apache Ranger: Apache Ranger can do much more, but the most basic operation is creating a single policy for a single resource and a single user.

It’s not best practice to give single users access to certain resources. For productive setups you’d look more into giving certain roles access to certain resources or tags. But that’s not being discussed here.

Part 1: Overview of Tools and Frameworks

Start Me Up!

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First, I like to write and personally I do write a lot, most of which I usually keep private. For me, this is a way to comprehend and study experiences, as well as a way of self-reflection and being able to understand myself. Recently I started to publish some articles within my company, just to share useful experiences with my colleagues. I received very positive feedback and was encouraged to distribute my thoughts to a broader audience: you.


Mainly, I will be writing about technology – as you probably could have guessed – technology that surrounds me in my everyday life. As a Big Data Engineer, I usually will be sharing my personal opinions about news in the areas around Apache Hadoop and its distributions. I will summarize activities and events that involve cloud technologies as well as analyses of huge amounts of data.

I am very passionate about Python and its use cases in system administration and data science.

At night, when others are sleeping, I like to tinker with devices like the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t do much with the Arduino – I always preferred software over hardware, when it came to making my hands dirty. Or perhaps it’s because software does not dirt my hands…


If that’s what you are interested in too, come back anytime! There’s always something going on that I need to process and write about.



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