This blog contains personal opinions of the author about topics around big data, stream processing, analytics, cloud technologies, data engineering, monitoring and observability. The shared experiences center especially around events, such as meet ups and conferences based on these subjects, as well as related open source software.


Stefan Dunkler currently works for Grafana Labs in the International Solutions Engineering Team. He helps customers to understand how to consolidate their metrics, logs and traces from several data sources into a single pane of glass.

Stefan is excited about science and technology since he was a small child. Naturally, he studied technical physics at the Vienna University of Technology, where he gained experience in quickly understanding complex systems and matters as well as developing scientific software in Python. He desires to deepen his broad base of technological know-how in his specific fields of interest, i.e. scalable software and scalable organisations. He believes that an organisation needs to use scalable softare to be scalable, but also needs to have the culture to enable its efficient use.

Stefan was the organizer of the Future of Data: Vienna Meetup (formerly: Hadoop User Group Vienna), where open source and big data enthusiasts gathered regularly.

Stefan writes under the synonym Condla. Condla is the hero of old Irish legends, a summary of which can be found on Wikipedia.

You can connect to Stefan via:

Last Update: 2021, August 26

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